Midwest Coalition of Library Services

As an app that streamlines the way professors and students browse their scholarly journals, BrowZine is making its way to college campuses. This application houses libraries full of information, available on your tablet device. BrowZine seamlessly integrates into the everyday lives of its users by allowing constant interaction with information. This application revolutionizes the way educators and students alike stay up to date in their fields of study.

We paired with the Midwest Coalition of Library Services to create a story that would result in increased app downloads and eventually engagement. The BrowZine video features the stories of four common individuals, living in the world of academia. The story begins with a normal day, and progresses to show how the BrowZine application increases both their productivity and their engagement with personalized content. The video was shown across several college campuses including Michigan State University and The University of Michigan. Not only were the results positive for our client but we also took home a Bronze Telly Award for this video in 2014 .

Project Images